Ginger McFarland Anderson, Accredited Stager & Organizer

  • Tired of living in chaos?
  • Are you in the middle of moving or selling your home and feel stressed out with little help?
  • Do you even know what day it is or do they run together?
  • Are there piles of paper and other stuff on every horizontal surface in your home?
  • Would you like to  just catch up?
  • Need help shopping, meal planning and running errands?

There is an answer. Organization & Staging is the process of transforming and preparing your home for living simply day to day and making your home reach its full potential when selling.  Your goals of living a less stressful life can be achieved!  The first step is to call for the support you need.  Personal shopping, grocery shopping and errand services can help get and keep you on track.  Rely on the guidance and support given from Organized by Surprise, LLC  to take back control of your home and your family life.  
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